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Business / Corporate

Trusted business advisors dedicated to helping your company grow and prosper.


If you own a business, or are just getting started, you need competent legal advice to ensure that your interests are protected. We represent both large and small businesses in a wide range of industries, from technology to manufacturing to cannabusiness. When you work with us, you’ll receive a high level of client service and practical advice as we help you navigate the complex web of federal, state and local laws that pertain to your business. Your objectives are important to us, and we’ll work closely with you to address every problem and every opportunity that comes your way.

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Whether you're dealing with the IRS or a state tax agency, we have the knowledge and experience to fight back and protect your rights. London & Paris is a fierce advocate when dealing with audit and collection appeals, tax court litigation, offers in compromise, installment agreements, abatement of penalties, and many other common tax issues. We also assist with tax planning and transactional work for businesses of any size.

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Tax Relief

Experienced tax specialists to help you solve your tax problems.

Startups & Venture Capital

Empowering entrepreneurs to grow and thrive.


London & Paris helps venture capital-backed emerging companies with fundraising, governance, and investment activities. We guide founders through every aspect of VC financing with SAFEs, complex capital structures, multiple series of preferred shares, warrant and option plans, and other equity investment structures. We specialize in assisting tech start-ups and have the ability to counsel our clients regarding unique equity provisions and intellectual property licensing arrangements that will meet your objectives in this rapidly evolving area of law.

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Patent Sheet

At London & Paris, we understand the importance of protecting your creations. We are experienced in every aspect of patent law and can help you protect your inventions through strategic use of utility patents and design patents. We assist with patentability opinions and patent searches, as well as patent drafting, filing, and prosecution. We can also assist with non-infringement and invalidity opinions, cease and desist letters, licensing and assignment agreements, and patent sales agreements.

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Helping innovators bring their ideas to life.


Expert advice to grow and protect your brand.


Your branding is at the heart of your business. Trademarks are an indispensable asset for any company, and it’s worth taking steps to protect your valuable intellectual property. The complicated interactions of state and federal trademark laws result in multiple layers of possible rights that may pertain to your trade name and trademarks. London & Paris offers a full range of trademark services to new and established businesses, from advising on the strength and suitability of your trademarks to registration and enforcement.

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Copyright owners have the exclusive right to use and distribute their creative expressions. Copyrights protect not only literary works, art, music, and video, but also software code and website content. London & Paris specializes in counseling technology companies and software developers protect their code to prevent piracy and derivative works. We also represent authors, artists, and clients in the entertainment and communications industries. We regularly negotiate copyright licensing and transfer agreements, and many other copyright matters from prosecuting and defending infringement claims to delivering fair use opinions. Copyright is a complicated area of law. London & Paris is here to help you understand and protect your rights.

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We'll protect and guarantee your rights to your work.

Election Law

We're committed to helping public servants make a difference in their communities.

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Campaign finance and election laws are becoming increasingly complex, and can present serious complications if not properly addressed. If you’re running for federal, state, or local office, London & Paris has the skills and experience to guide you through the campaign finance and reporting process.  It’s important for candidates to understand the nuanced regulations surrounding political contribution limits, fundraising methods, and campaign expenditures.

We assist with setting up campaign committees, reviewing campaign advertisements and public statements, and filing campaign reports. We also advise business entities, unions, nonprofits, and individuals making campaign contributions or engaging in political fundraising activities. If you're considering a run for public office or are in any way involved with political fundraising, London & Paris will help you stay on top of this complex area of law.

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London & Paris represents new and established nonprofit organizations of all sizes. We assist with every step of the process, including incorporation of your entity and drafting of bylaws, preparing budgets, keeping meeting minutes, and providing other startup documentation. We’ll file all the paperwork necessary to establish tax-exempt status at both the state and federal levels, and provide guidance and advice on maintaining corporate formalities and protecting your tax-exemption.

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Dedicated advisors to nonprofit organizations and the people behind them.

Public Benefit Corporation

Your partner in promoting ethical, socially responsible business practices.

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At London & Paris, we’re committed to the idea of corporate social responsibility. Over the past decade, many states have enacted public benefit corporation laws, providing new opportunities for businesses that seek to be more conscious of their impact on economic, social, and environmental concerns. Organizing as a public benefit corporation (or B Corp) will help to keep your company accountable and ethical. Establishing your company as a B Corp may also help your business attract loyal customers, employees, and investors. London & Paris can help you decide whether a B Corp is right for your business. We’ll also help you understand the unique nature of public benefit corporations and the ways it will affect corporate governance, public relations, and regulatory issues.

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